Sanitization & Disinfection

By now we all know what Sanitizing is and why it is extremely important to keep home sanitized and Disinfected.

But How clean are the places we live in?

Are we safe from harmful bacteria, Virus, Fungus, and Odors? are we able to keep our areas extremely clean? 

Diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid and polio and exacerbates stunting. Are passed due to poor sanitation. And not to mention virus and how it has impacted our daily lives we can’t afford to keep the area we live in not clean and tidy. It is of paramount importance that there is no room for Viruses and Bacteria around us.

It is not only a difficult question to answer but also a very challenging task too. This is where sanitization of our home and offices help. It is a process of ensuring that the area we live is clean of any bacteria, microbes or viruses, which can cause different types of diseases.

How to Sanitize?

There are different approaches to do Sanitization and depends on which area we are looking forward to Sanitizing.

Mostly Sanitization is done by heat, chemicals or radiation. Heat and chemicals are commonly used as a method for sanitizing in a home, restaurant or Offices. Radiation is used in Medical facilities, biohazard heavy industries etc it is more so as ensuring 100% sterilization. 

Now we know the method of Sanitization, however how do we go about it?

With virus we all are ensuring our hands are sanitized by Hand sanitizer, and food that we get from the grocery store is sanitized by using Food grade sanitizing Liquid. 

Ensure that different Home cleaning products are used for different rooms of the house, like different types of mops for cleaning, Dust Cloths, Home cleaning equipment’s, for cleaning the house, and many other online products. However, is that all?

Let’s us understand What is a Disinfectant? 

Disinfectant would be any Liquid solution or powder that kills bacteria or harmful microbes. 

Is it safe to make Disinfectant Solution at home?

It is safe if high precautions are taken while preparing the Disinfectant at Home.

We need to get chemicals like Hydrogen Peroxide, Bleach’s, Sodium hypo chloride solution, Iso Prophyll Alcohol etc. and mix it in water and spray around the right places. 

But then it is not easy in our day to busy life to go about doing it regularly also keeping these chemicals at home could lead to unwanted problems for our kids and pets.

Call a friendly staff and Professional staff!!! will not only answer any question you may have, but will also give you 100% guarantee of making your Home or office extremely safe to live in. has a unique method and uses ecofriendly materials to make sure the area is completely sanitized and disinfectant. 

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